Being a Student

Aphorisms on:


Being a Student – by John Cage

Rule 1      Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for awhile.
Rule 2      General duties as a student: Pull everything out of your teacher and fellow students.
Rule 3      General duties as a teacher: Pull everything out of your students.
Rule 4      Consider everything an experiment.
Rule 5      Be self-disciplined. This means finding someone wise or smart and choosing to follow.
Rule 6      Follow the leader. Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only make.
Rule 7      The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something.
Rule 8      Do not try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes.
Rule 9      Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It is lighter that you think.
Rule 10    We are breaking all the rules, even our own by leaving plenty of room for “X” qualities.
“[Student] work work has to speak about place, technology, climate, structure, materials. They must work honestly, with heart and mind, rather than structuring what is a visual delight alone. Their work has to have roots. I think what we admire most about architecture of all periods is rootedness, authenticity. We recognize authenticity, and we recognize the five-minute flash. The authentic lives on; the flash quickly dies.” – G. Murcutt


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