Architects Build Small Spaces

The Victoria & Albert museum in London, which specializes in issues of craft, design, etc., is about to open a fun exhibit called “Architects Build Small Spaces.” The museum invited a bunch of young architects and architecture student groups to build 1:1 follies or “buildings” inside and around the museum in London.  One building is by Rural Studio (Andrew Freear came to speak at CMU on the school’s work this spring).  See top row of images below

It seems like a perfect 2nd year design project.  We’ve started the year off with a 1:1 project the last two years, in 2007 with an “Observation/Installation” on the front porch of CFA, and in 2009 with a “Light Transformer” interior installation.  See 2nd row of images below.

The idea of building 1:1 in a museum goes back to the houses that the MoMA in NYC has commissioned over the years, from architects like Marcel Breuer, Frank Lloyd Wright, and most recently a bunch of “Pre-Fab” experments.  Another important example are the follies built for the “Young Architects Program” (YAP) at PS1 (a MoMA extension in Queens) every summer, often highlighting avant-garde and radical design for fun and public interaction.

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