Louis Kahn Museum Addition

The NY Times his morning ran a review by critic Nicholas Ourossoff of an addition to Louis Kahn’s famous Kimbell Museum proposed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The article discusses the difficulties of the commission for Piano, who once worked for Kahn.  All of you studied Kahn’s architecture a bit in IDM2 last semester, some of you even studied the Kimbell: how would YOU design an addition to the Kimbell?

The CMU2013 blog has started a discussion about the appropriateness of such a glass building addition to the iconic concrete and stone building with respect to light, etc.   These are all concepts central to the 2nd year fall studio curriculum: museums, materials, procession, light, Kahn, etc.   Take a look: participate in the discussion.

A similar discussion evolved 20 years ago when they sought to add to Kahn’s Salk Institute.   See Paul Goldberger’s commentary in the NY Times and Frank Gehry’s editorial plea, but also Prof. Michael Benedikt’s essay from Progressive Architecture.

Keep reading about architecture, and when you don’t know a building, look for more photos and do research to find plans and sections (the web has very few detailed plans or sections).  Keep posting and discussing interesting buildings.

One response to “Louis Kahn Museum Addition

  1. Thank you for reminding all of the discussion on the Salk and collecting some excellent links. The dialogue on the Kimbell will certainly continue and culminate with the first visitor’s experience in a few years. I posed the question a little differently http://atxarchitect.wordpress.com/ and concrete in this case is really the dialogue.

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