The Year 2009 in Architecture

At the end of the year, I always enjoy thinking back upon the year, what were the notable moments of the year architecturally.  Nicholai Ouroussouf, the current critic of the NY Times, reviews the year with the headline “A Few Triumphs Pierce the Clouds of a Bleak Time,” and celebrate’s Zaha’s Maxxi Museum in Rome, Gehry’s Beekman Tower, and Morphosis’ Cooper Union building, among others, and notes the increasing interest in, and study of Infrastructure, both in the profession and in schools.

Paul Goldberger, the former critic for the NY Times, and now critic for The New Yorker, recently created a “Top 10” list.  They included the High Line, Cooper Union, Alice Tully Hall, the Guggenheim, and Piano’s addition to the Chicago A.I., all of which we discussed on the CMU blog at some point, but also others that were not mentioned.  Are there other candidates for events, buildings, and plans around the world you’d nominate? What will 2009 be remembered for in history classes years from now, if anything? Are there other “best of” lists you can recommend?

Goldberger’s articles for The New Yorker have just come out in an anthology Building up and Tearing Down: Reflections on the Age of Architecture (2009).  It complements his recent book Why Architecture Matters (2009).  Both are well worth reading in your month off.  The late Herbert Muschamp’s articles for the NY Times have also just come out as an anthology called Hearts of the City (2009), edited by Nicholai Ouroussouf, the current critic of the NY Times (an article on Architect Magazine offers an honest review).  The NY Times newspaper, through the voice of it’s architecture critic, and the city as a whole, continue to weild extraordinary power in the world architectural scene.  It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye on current events there, and to read these critics, not just their day-to-day musings, but the larger “projects” which they are working on through their writing.

Congrats on finishing the semester: enjoy the holidays, and the upcoming semester(s).


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  1. Oh my god loved reading this article. I added your rss to my reader!!

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