Google Architects

Want to be an architect, have stuff “built” in minutes? Now you can “build” buildings for Google Earth, and be a Google architect.  I guess it’s less about being an architect, more about doing free work for Google.  But if you have a favorite building or a house that is not yet in 3D, here’s your chance to get it online in 3D, to be “published” or at least “made public.” But only if its in a list of pre-designated cities and sites for which Google has images.

Google Earth Architect

Would it not be great if we could pick our own sites.  For example, the Mattress Factory, and surrounding buildings for our site are not yet in 3D on Google Earth.  Perhaps our class could help create an accurate model of the area!?

Link to Google Building maker; or see the article at Webpronews.

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