Shelter Competition

Taliesin Shelter 2If you are bored, or trying to get more architecture into your summer, consider doing a competition, either on your own, or with a friend.   One small one that seems doable, and has a final deadline of Aug. 23rd, the day before school starts, is the “Design it Shelter Competition” sponsored by the Guggenheim, by Google Sketch-up software, and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  You pick a site anywhere on Google Earth, and design a simple shelter for it. Students from the FLLWSA pick the finalists, and then public picks the winners.  You can see some of the projects already submitted on the Guggenheim website.

The FLLWSA is famous for the shelters students have to design and build at their Arizona campus, a “learning by doing” pedagogy for architecture.  It starts first day freshman year, when you are given some tent cloth, a few poles, and some boards, and asked to go into the desert to make your “dorm room” you’ll sleep in during the beginning of architecture school.  Later on you get to make your own more permanent one.   I myself am a huge fan of learning architecture by making things, preferably big things.  There’s a small exhibit on the student shelters called “Learning by Doing” at the Guggenheim Sackler Gallery.  If you are near Scottsdale, visit Taliesn and take a tour of the shelters.

For lists of other available competitions, see, or

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