Architecture without Limits: Guggenheim Turns 50

FLW Guggenheim 2

Another post on the theme of museums, with modern additions:

F.L. Wright’s Guggenheim museum in New York turns 50 this summer.  It was a controversial design from the moment it was first conceived, and has been critiqued, celebrated, and emulated ever since, one of the icons of 20th-century architecture and museum design.   It has been impeccably restored over the last few years, and an exhibit opens this weekend chronicling Wright’s career.   See the Ouroussoff review “Architecture without Limits” in the NY Times.  A fun feature is also the interactive panoramic image of the inside of the Guggenheim’s rotunda (Flash), which can get you dizzy.  Wright’s career is a great example of someone who used architecture to do “research” on many different ideas in a very iterative process: each project pushing a bit further than the previous on similar themes.

FLW Jacobs HouseA noteworthy part of the exhibit are the new architectural models that were created by Situ Studio.  The model of the Jacobs House, near Madison, WI, among the first “Usonian” houses by Wright, is an amazing “exploded model” of the various “systems” of the house: structural, enclosure, heating, materials, etc.  It’s a wonderful analysis of Wright’s fascination with, and penchant for innovation with regard to technical ideas that create new spatial paradigms.

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