Piano’s New Chicago Art institute Addition

Piano AIC Millenium Park

Renzo Piano’s much anticipated addition to the Chicago’s Art Institute open’s this weekend. Reviews are mostly good.  See the review by the New York Times’ architecture critic Nicholas Ourousoff.   You will be designing a museum addition this fall in 2nd year studio, and you will be going to Chicago next spring, so start looking out for both subjects in your wanderings this summer.

Piano AIC Entry

Piano AIC Roof

One response to “Piano’s New Chicago Art institute Addition

  1. See a great interview of Renzo Piano with Charlie Rose: http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/10318.
    – Piano’s addition: temple of light, lightness, accessibility, openness to city
    – Chicago birthplace of modernity
    – Architects are builders. Fundamentally architecture is making shelter
    – Fantasy is good, but like marmalade, best in small doses, and when spread on great piece of bread.
    – Sustainability, love for nature, is challenge of century, making buildings that talk to nature.
    – Architecture is art of building emotions
    – Emotions about beauty
    – Beauty is one of the few human emotions that can compete with true power (money, might, etc.)
    – Architects need to be stubborn, but also rebellion. Culture building is difficult, were too difficult, austere, intimidating. Now sought openness, informality, curiosity…
    – SF Academy of Science: fundamentally it is about the fact that earth is fragile.
    – Wants to develop aesthetic of sustainability. Buildings that talk to nature, not fight.
    – We must accept possibility of making things with less.
    – Sailiboat, sailing a boat, dialogue with nature.

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